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High-Quality Components for Medical Applications: Ensuring Reliable and Safe Medical Devices

Where do Murata components offer an advantage? Environmental changes surrounding healthcare affect personal healthcare devices used for daily health management, with such products becoming more compact and gaining the ability to connect to the cloud. Murata’s products contribute to: What topics do we cover:
Whitepaper Digital Health

Digital Transformation in AP: How to Go Remote with Complete Efficiency, Flexibility and Control.

The transition to remote work was sudden and unexpected but as AP departments embark on making long-term process improvements, they need to consider how they can go remote with complete efficiency, flexibility and control. By reviewing the current trends in the industry and exploring proven ways to apply technology to increase process flexibility they can develop a concrete plan for digital transformation.
Whitepaper Digital Transformation

Zero Trust Success Stories

This case study showcases how Zscaler's Zero Trust Exchange can enhance digital transformation, reduce business risk, and lower costs. It provides real-world examples from various industries, demonstrating improved security, productivity, and user experience. It's a valuable resource for IT and security professionals looking to modernize their infrastructure and enhance their security posture.
Case Study Cyber Security Digital Transformation
The Drum (EMEA)

The Personalization Payoff

The report underscores the critical role of personalization in the buyer-seller relationship, particularly in the digital and remote interactions of the post-pandemic era. It presents data showing a strong correlation between personalized content and buyer engagement, concluding that businesses must equip their sales teams with technology for efficient digital interactions and personalized content creation.
Report Content Personalization Audience Engagement

Metrics that Matter Your Guide to Defining Bug Bounty Program Goals

The guide underscores the significance of setting clear goals and metrics for bug bounty programs in the cybersecurity sector. It recommends tracking seven key metrics, including monthly submissions, valid findings, awards, program existence, tester coverage, and added targets, to ensure program effectiveness and success.
Guide Business Metrics

The Royal Opera House's new digital transformation project

Telstra has just partnered with The Royal Opera House on a new digital transformation project. We’re building a fixed wireless network for this UK icon. Telstra team of consultants looked carefully at how it could consolidate the seven legacy networks from different vendors into a single secure, centrally managed solution. The network also needed to support its venue hire business and allow in-house, international teams and individuals to better communicate seamlessly. The Royal Opera House hires out a wide variety of spaces to third parties to host unforgettable events. Thus, the network needed to be secure and segmented with the appropriate bandwidth for each client. Telstra Purple’s consultancy team used the MoSCoW (Must Have, Should Have, Could Have, Won’t Have this time) methodology to prioritize the project’s requirements to ensure success, manage stakeholder expectations, and optimize the budget and resources.
Video Digital Transformation Wireless Networking
Haymarket Media Group Ltd (EMEA - C&IT)

Event Professional Or Digital Content Creator? The Future Of Tech-Enabled Events

The report underscores the need for further digital transformation in the events industry, emphasizing the importance of data management, audience engagement, and digital skills. It suggests strategies like creating content hubs, building communities, extending event lifecycles, and overcoming barriers to enhance digital maturity.
Report Digital Transformation

Mythbusting the agile ERP

This infographic discusses the benefits and dispels common misconceptions of implementing an industry-specific ERP system. It emphasizes the importance of breaking transformations into smaller projects, involving teams throughout the process, utilizing agile practices, customization, data aggregation, and continuous innovation.
Infographic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Business Events Perth
Haymarket Media Group Ltd (EMEA - C&IT)

The results are in: Unique Experiences Are More Valuable Than Ever

As the world reopens post-pandemic, event planners face challenges of rising costs, tight budgets, demanding attendees, and sustainability concerns. C&IT have partnered with Business Events Perth to conduct a survey to understand the changing needs of event planners, revealing their increasing focus on unique experiences and destination choices.
Report Event Planning

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